Active Member Credits

In order to maintain a membership good standing in the National Honor Society, all club members must uphold the club's admission criteria of scholarship, leadership, service and character; while also setting examples of each for others to follow. 

Additionally, all club members must obtain 30 active member credits in order to receive their honor society cord to wear at graduation.  

Active member credits can be earned by participating in all club events.  The values of specific club activities will be announced in advanced. 

Here is a breakdown of the general value of club activities:

Attending Club Meetings     1 credit each
Making Donations/Fundraising        1 credit each
Participating in Peer Tutoring 1 credit each (category may max out)
Service Activity (in and out of school)                     2 credits each                         
Attending Induction Ceremony 5 credits

Please understand that this system is a work in progress and that this information is subject to change. 

Active Member Credit is earned by your attendance at events. Additionally, members can have any service activities taking place outside of the school or our group count for active member credit by submitting the Service Activity Verification GOOGLE Form. This form requires an advisor/supervisor contact information (email and/or phone number). The form must be completed/submitted no later than 3 days following the performed service. 

All service outside of school will be verified. Any member that attempts to submit fraudulent information  will be subject to removal from the National Honor Society and will be referred to High School West for possible disciplinary consequences.  

Members should keep track of their participation at activities and number of active membership credits earned. Any problems or discrepancies should be immediately brought to the attention of Mr. Elsesser. Members have the right to appeal any decisions regarding active membership credits.